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Byron Plumbing is a family-owned business that has been in existence for nearly 5 decades. It was started in 1969 by Don Brummel and his two oldest sons, Larry and Marvin Brummel.   At that time, Larry and Marv were licensed plumbers working for Godwin Plumbing Inc., which was owned by Don’s brother, Red Brummel. It was Red Brummel who encouraged Larry and Marv to start up their own plumbing business.   Unable to get financing to start their business, Don put his farm up as collateral and went into business with Larry and Marv under the name of Byron Plumbing.   Byron Plumbing’s first trucks and a backhoe were even purchased from Godwin Plumbing.   Over 48 years later, Byron Plumbing is still located today on the farm property that was initially owned by Don.

In its early years, most of the work completed by Byron Plumbing was sewer changeovers (connecting existing homes to new sewer mains).   One of those early jobs was for a lumber salesman whose house was located in a high water table.   Don bid the job for pumps and dewatering equipment but it was determined none of the equipment was needed so it was deducted from the bill. This customer was so impressed with Byron Plumbing’s performance and honesty that he shared his experience and recommended Byron Plumbing to Rycenga Lumber, a customer of the salesman. Rycenga Lumber then requested a bid for 100 houses they were building in Muskegon and Byron Plumbing was awarded the work. It was this plumbing work in Muskegon that Byron Plumbing established their foundation and grow the company because of their many contacts from this opportunity. Byron Plumbing’s work has certainly shifted over the years. The initial years were primarily filled with sewer changeovers; 80 percent residential and 20 percent commercial work. Byron Plumbing Inc.’s portfolio today consists of 80 percent commercial and 20 percent residential work.

Don’s youngest son, Ted, was still in high school during the early years of Byron Plumbing. Ted enlisted in the Navy from high school and returned home from active due in 1973.   Ted joined the business in 1974, at which time it became Byron Plumbing Inc. For many years, Lila Brummel (Don’s wife) worked in the office as Don and their sons worked out in the field.

Although there have been many ownership changes throughout the years, mainly due to retirements, Byron Plumbing ownership has remained with the Brummel family.   In 1988, Don Brummel retired. In 1998, Kevin Brummel (Larry’s son) bought into the company. In 2005, Larry Brummel retired, in 2011 Marv retired, and in 2016, Ted retired. Today Larry, Marv, and Ted still work part-time for Byron Plumbing Inc.   Kevin is currently the sole-owner of Byron Plumbing and has two sons, Nick and Ryan, who are currently licensed plumbers working in the field. Byron Plumbing Inc. remains a family-owned and operated company today, nearing 50 years in business.   With over 25 employees, many of the employees are family members.

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